Paragon Mobility Rehab LLP

Paragon Mobility Rehab LLP is formed in 2015 is regarded as leading provider of advanced solution in providing relief to the people suffering from various joint pain in knee, back and neck by using new scientific and innovative technology with instant results along with economical cost of products. PMR’s technology is on the cutting edge of pain evaluation and rehabilitation with practically proven results. The precision of our products and technology are driving measurable outcome for all of our customers. The technology used by PMR® is unmatched in the industry and driving injury prevention, functional base line, recovery tracking and return to work program solution. Our products are continuously examined by our quality control department so as to deliver best quality products to our clients.

PMR® management comprises of creative & responsible management professionals along with flavour of sociologists. Our unique content and ease of use product has helped our brand grow almost entirely through words of mouth from satisfied users.

PMR® growth continuously increasing year by year with commitment in letter and spirit to corporate and social responsibility. The years to come will see the introduction of several new and innovative products, all rooted with emerging need of the people. Besides product development and quality control, R & D is also focusing on user friendly technologies and good quality raw material for our products.

Our mission is also to pass saving created by high purchasing volumes from our suppliers directly to our customers.