Paragon Ultimate Knee Brace

Paragon Ultimate Knee Brace suitable for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Ultimate Caliper is our Latest And Most Advance model having flexibility And Light weight. It is easy to wear. Useful for the patient Suffering from Osteoarthritis From long time. It is an an off loader with corrective measures.
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The goal of an Ultimate Knee Brace is to keep you active and get you back into the hobbies you enjoy. It is recommended to wear your Ultimate Knee Brace during activities to provide pain relief. Whether you wear it during your hobby, sport, and activity or at work, an Ultimate Knee Brace can be a non-operative, targeted treatment for your knee OA. A large part of wearing an Ultimate Knee Brace is compliance and with a good fit, you will be on your way to pain relief from your knee OA.

The Ultimate knee Brace One applies a gentle force design to reduce the pressure on the affected part of the knee , resulting in reduction in pain and thus allowing the patient to use the knee normally and more frequently.

It is recommended in the first week to wear your Ultimate Knee Brace 2 hours per day. In the second week, you can work up to wearing it 4 hours per day. By the third week, it is recommended to wear it 6-8 hour per day or as needed. 


Key advantage 
Clinically proven to alleviate OA knee pain

Advanced durability for mid-to-high impact sports, hobbies or activities

Basketball, extreme hiking, running etc. (High impact, strenuous and intense activities)


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