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I used the Paragon Knee Brace for my knee pain for just 15 days and my condition highly improved. I totally recommend PMR products for anyone who’s been advised to wear support gear for their pain. It gives just the right support getting you back on your feet in no time.

Gautam Shinde


I have long sitting hours at work and I started to have back pain problems as the time passed and the working hours got longer and longer. On doctor’s recommendation of a back support belt I purchased PMR’s LS Support Super Deluxe, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I would rate this product a 5 star in terms of both comfort and efficiency; it does its job without making you feel uncomfortable.

Ravina Doshi

Software Developer

I purchased the hot and cold get pack from PMR and I use it time and again for sore muscles after working out. Other people of my family have also used the product and they were also highly satisfied even after one use. I would suggest everyone to purchase it for using when they have any kind of muscle pain.

Pradyuman Shukla